A major achievement of the TiMaScan project is the development of an antibody panel for detection of different subsets of monocytes by flow cytometry. This antibody panel was used to show that in humans, the numbers of different monocyte subsets, including classical, intermediate and non-classical monocytes, differ depending on age and tissue (Figure 1; Damasceno et al., 2019).

Figure Damasceno et al. 2019
Figure 1: Relative distribution of monocyte subsets in different lymphoid tissues (from Damasceno et al., 2019).

Furthermore, by monitoring different subsets of monocytes in peripheral blood following controlled tissue damage (total hip arthroplasty), we showed that changes in numbers of classical monocytes, which followed the same temporal pattern as total monocytes, are different from the changes in numbers of non-classical monocytes (Figure 2; Van den Bossche et al., 2018).

Figure Van den Bossche et al. 2019
Figure 2: Acute tissue damage induces differential dynamics of classical and non-classical monocytes in peripheral blood (from Van den Bossche et al., 2018).

A patent that covers the detection of monocyte subsets to monitor disruption of tissue homeostasis was filed and granted, and has been licensed to Cytognos.


Other dissemination

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  • Zoeklicht op het immuunsysteem., 7 January 2018.
  • 2,5 Miljoen voor een ‘wild’ idee., 3 August 2016.
  • Kanker opsporen via de ‘vuilniswagens’ van het afweersysteem. Press release LUMC, 18 April 2016.

TiMaScan project progress meetings

  • 15th TiMaScan meeting, 1-2 July 2019, Salamanca, Spain
  • 14th TiMaScan meeting, 22-23 November 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • 13th TiMaScan meeting, 30-31 May 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • 12th TiMaScan meeting, 29-30 August 2017, Salamanca, Spain
  • 11th TiMaScan meeting, 14-15 February 2017, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • 10th TiMaScan meeting, 19-20 November 2016, Salamanca, Spain

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